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[icon] Betsy and Pete - Waste o' Space
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Current Music:Epicure - Armies Against Me
Subject:Betsy and Pete
Time:06:41 pm
Current Mood:amusedamused

Psylocke: *Betsy found herself with the slightest case of the flutters as she checked her appearance for the thousanth time* Calm down, Bets... he's just a slightly attractive arrogant bastard... *she picked up her brush and ran it through her hair one last time, fixing her purple lockes into place again as she glanced at the clock. 7:53, her stomach fluttered again* Dammit! Okay... so he's an extrodinarily good looking bastard... but still that's no reason to get so worked up.

Pete Wisdom: At ten to eight, Pete steps steaming out of the shower. It takes a while for him to find a not too crumpled shirt, slightly small for him, so it's a fairly tight fit. He runs a gelled hand through his hair, giving it a vague shape. A pinstripe jacket over the shirt. A splash of cologne, and he's ready. wandering through the hallways, looking for Betsy's room.

Psylocke: *correcting the faintest smudge in her eye-liner she curses herself, takes one last look and then moves to sit on her bed* Time to practice a little bit of the calming meditation... *she mutters to herself as she takes the lotus position*

Pete Wisdom: Cursing whoever designed this place, Pete wanders up and down a few identical looking corridors until he finds the right one. He takes a breath, relaxing his hand that had balled into a fist in his frustration. He knocks on the door.

Psylocke: *jumping up so quickly she almost tripps over the pile of clothes that didn't make the cut for tonight she brushes her hair behind her ear and takes a deep breath before opening the door*
Hi... *she states less enthusiastically then she actually feels, keeping it very cool*

Pete Wisdom: Two can play at that game. "Betsy." he says. Calm as you like. "Coming?"

Psylocke: Sure... *she steps out, very smooth, and closes the door behind her, making sure that he can't see into her messy room and follows him down the hallway* so... what exiting plans did you have for tonight? *sounding a bit mocking, but not harsh*

Pete Wisdom: "It's a surprise." He ushers her past him and takes her down to the garage.

Psylocke: *smirkes as she remembers her outing with Alex to this very spot and wonders what kind of ride the very dashing (ahem) uh... cocky Pete will be escorting her on*

Pete Wisdom: Pete doesn't go near the key rack, instead extracting a small keychain from his pocket and wandering over to his bike, swinging the keys almost absently through his fingers.

Psylocke: *raises an eyebrow at the bike and then glances down at her mid-thigh length skirt* Well, all right then... *walks over and grins a little absently*

Pete Wisdom: Pete gets on the bike first, because there's no sane or graceful way of letting the passenger be seated before the driver. He does offer a steadying hand out to Betsy once he's settled.

Psylocke: *takes his hand and climbs on, wrapping her arms around his waist and trying not to let her skirt ride up too much* This is fun... *she whisperes a bit sarcastically into his ear, trying to hide the fact that her heart is pounding and she really is exitied*

Pete Wisdom: "Hold on tight now" Pete says with only a trace of a smile. He guns the engine and tears off down the driveway, and along the road towards New York City.

Psylocke: *laughs and hangs on tight... feels herself feeling a little rebelious, and her face only flickers in concern for her hair for a second before she leans back and closes her eyes, trying not to think about her arms and hands on his chest as she lets the wind take her, getting lost in the rush of the speed and air*

Pete Wisdom: Rocketing down the open road, Pete thinks how long it's been since he last took a girl out. Too long. The hands on his chest feel nice.

Psylocke: *as he takes a sharp corner particularly fast, and because she's feeling more outgoing then she has in her life she lays her cheek against his back and hugs him tight*

Pete Wisdom: It is now twenty, twenty-five minutes later. New York City proper looms large in front of them. Maneuvering through the traffic as only a motorcycle can, he drives up and parks his bike outside of a restaurant. It's not a high-class establishment, but in the few weeks that Pete stayed in New York before moving on to Xaviers, he became quite a regular here, and knows the food and the service are very decent.

Psylocke: *climbs carefully off the bike, making sure not to flash all the passing padestrians, smoothes down her skirt, and runs her fingers through her hair, trying to make herself presentable*
Wow... *is all she can manage, almost out of breath* This place looks good... *she nods approvingly, a bit dissapointed that it's so... normal*

Pete Wisdom: Pete nods to the waiter, getting his usual table outside, under the awning where he can watch the world go by. The waiter comes up and Pete introduces Betsy to him. They recieve some menus and Pete orders a scotch for him, looking quizzically at Betsy, seeing what she'll have to drink.

Psylocke: *Betsy orders an Iced Tea and tries not to be too judgemental about the scotch.* So... what brings you to Xavier school for the "gifted"? *she askes, glancing over the menu*

Pete Wisdom: "Well, when my last job...ah, fell through, I kind of floated around, at a serious loose end. Until this Xavier guy contacts me, saying he might be able to put my particular talents to good use." He pauses as their drinks arrive. "And I figured that perhaps this just might be some work I can do and not, figuratively speaking, be ashamed of tellin' me mother about.

Psylocke: Right. So... what are your talents, exactly?

Pete Wisdom: "Hot knives. Psionic hot knives. Go through pretty much anything. Non mutant talenst? being able to strip clean and re-assemble half the firearms on the maket today, in under a minute. Expert marksman. Hand-to-hand and armed combat. Bascially all the socail skills you need to be a cold blooded killer for the government."

Psylocke: *Chuckles* Skills... right. *takes a sip of her tea* I've got something a bit similar... only it's just in it's experimental phase. And I'm pretty sure mine only works on living beings. And it's not heat it's... well, just pain. And it's not actually physical... it's... mental. It's hard to explain.... *fades off*

Pete Wisdom: "Like phantom pain? One of the guys in the unit had to have his leg amputated. Even after they took it off, he'd stil complain that he was bleeding or something like that."

Psylocke: Well, it's kind of like that. I can... "trick" the persons mind into thinking they've been stabed. They feel pain, even though there's no actual physical damage. I haven't tested it's full capabilites yet. I actually discovered it quite by accident. *chuckles* Now there's a fun story.

Pete Wisdom: "Oh?" Pete raises an eyebrow at this "Care to share?"

Psylocke: Well... Brian ruined my classic Beatles record, the one I'd gotten from Grandmother on my 16th birthday,. He was trying to play it backwards and hear hidden messages.and I hit him... only... I was so angry, I just... pushed with my mind, and he went down screaming in pain. Swore I'd cut him... but... anyway... those were different times.

Pete Wisdom: He sighs "Yeah. I almost killed someone when I first manifested. I was training in the army, and I was being yelled at by the drill sergeant. Probably about something inconsequential like my laces or some shite like that. Anyway I just got angrier and angrier until I threw a punch at him. It missed of course, he was seeing how far he had to push me before I lost it. But this thing shot out of my fist and sliced through a wall."

Psylocke: And what did the lovely drill sargeant have to say about that? *smiles a bit at his story*

Pete Wisdom: "I believe his actual words were 'Wisdom? What the fuck was that?'"

Psylocke: That sounds very much like a drill sargeant

*They ordered and ate their meal while talking about many diffrent things, both serious and humerous and some time later...*

Psylocke: *lauging as she finished her story* I'd never seen any kind of look on Sensei Masaki's face. but stoic wisdom and calm sensability, but at that moment... *laughs some more* I think he was wondering just what he'd gotten into with taking on a female student. Poor old Geezer... *with fond respect as she quiets down*

Pete Wisdom: Pete chuckles low in his throat. "I'll certainly never look at chopsticks the same way, I can tell you."

Psylocke: *sends a quick, but soft hit to his shoulder with the back of her hand, as they were sitting quite close* So... *smiles at him for a second, realizing that she's actually haveing a great time*... what's next?

Pete Wisdom: "Well I had a few ideas, but... well, I wasn't sure what you'd prefer to do. I've got tickets on reserve for an off-broadway show, I'm told it's very good. Or we could do something else. A club, if you'd prefer," it's fairly clear from his tone that this would *not* be his preferred option. "Or, and stop me if this sounds crazy, there's a firing range that's open really late down the road."

Psylocke: *considers all options... The broadway seems very... predictable and social. The Club would be fun, but she's not quite sure it's appropriate...* Actually, the firing range sounds like a lot of fun. I don't have much experience with guns, but I should like to know how to use them, should the need arrive...

Pete Wisdom: "Mayhem and destruction it is." He waves the waiter over getting the bill. Which he pays. He's an old fashioned kind of arrogant bastard.

Psylocke: *feeling very much at ease, though still a bit fluttery, she lets him pay, thinking that will give her a chance to make things even eventually. Standing slowly, she smiles to herself, gringing at the idea that she'll have the chance to play the fragile female with him... and maybe show off a little. Her brother James had forced her and Brian to take marksmanship lessons when she was 12 or 13. She hadn't been able to appreaciate it at the time, and so didn't take them for very long, but she'd been getting...

Psylocke: quite good. It had been a few years, though. She figured she wouldn't really be faking it. too much*

Pete Wisdom: They get on the bike and drive to the range. Pete shows his membership card, and signs Betsy in as his guest.

Psylocke: *Betsy feels a little out of place in her shortish skirt, halter top and high-heels, but makes do, quickly aquainting herself with the area* Okay... so, what do we do first?

Pete Wisdom: What do you want to try out? small arms? automatic? They have some classics here, like a german Luger, and an original series Browming 9mm.

Psylocke: How about a big one? Some thing with some kick? For starters.

Pete Wisdom: A Mangum .44 for the lady. This baby has a kick on it like a mule.

Psylocke: *grins and takes the gun offered her*

Pete Wisdom: Pete doesn't like shooting the newer guns as a recreation. He's used them too much for occupational stuff. So he looks at the list, and gets himself the original Browning. Closing on 100 years old, loving maintained. Shiny.

Psylocke: So... what's the best way to handle this "baby"? *she askes playing a little dumb*

Pete Wisdom: he looks over at her. "With a crash mat behind you. Seriously, like this." he shows her the correct stace, classic teacup grip, one hand cupped in the other. Mentions some tricks like locking the elbows, taking the recoil in the wrist and shoulder. He sets up a target, slides it back down the list ((I think that's what they're called)), and puts the ear-protection on, indicating that she sould step up and take a shot.

Psylocke: *steps up, purpously forgeting to lock her shoulder, leaving her elbow out way to far as she raises the gun* Like this?

Pete Wisdom: He shakes his head. "Shit no. Shoot like that with the magnum, and the bones in your forearm will push out through your elbow" He corrects her stance. Yes manually, with the touchy thing.

Psylocke: *smiles lightly at the touchy thing* Okay... now... I just point and shoot?

Pete Wisdom: "Your first shot? just, yeah, point and fire. You're looking to get a feel for the gun. " Steps back., watching critically.

Psylocke: *fires after several seconds, aiming low and to the left on purpose* Ow... *cringes and lowers her arm, rubbing her shoulder at the jolt* Like a Donkey you said... *raises the gun again* Okay then... feel achived.... *pause* How do I aim?

Pete Wisdom: "sight down your gun arm, then you put the sight on the end of the barrel even with this notch in the hammer," he points, "So you can see the sight throught the notch." he shrugs slightly "And then you put whatever you want to hit at the other end of the line."

Psylocke: *fires off the clip full of rounds relativly quickly, keeping them all pretty close to the guy's heart (you know... the black sillouette poster thingy)*

Pete Wisdom: "You've done this before. I can tell.."

Psylocke: *tries to look shocked* How do you know I'm not just a natural? Hm?

Pete Wisdom: He shrugs. "Because you didn't jerk the trigger. That's the natural way to do it. Everyone does it the first time. And I mean everyone. You knew how to squeeze, keeping the gun from jumping until the acutal shot."

Psylocke: *shruggs* Well, so yeah. I took a few lessons when I was 13. Didn't think I'd remember any of it. *moves to reload* You're turn.

Pete Wisdom: Pete takes the safety off the browning, testing the balance. He fires a practise shot into the sillhouette's throat, finds the sight is off by a couple of mm, translating into a good two or three centimetres at the target distance. He enjoys the feel of the Browning, a slighly more stock-centred balance than the more recent ones. He empties his clip into the dummies head, right in the X ring.

Psylocke: *looks impressed* Guess you really know how to handle your gun then... *waits for the targets to come in, exchanges then and takes her stance again* Any tips from the expert to the novice? I'm always looking to improve anyway that I can. You know. In gun handling. Especially a Magnum. *smirks. she likes the feel of the big gun in her hand, so solid and almost pusling with life*

Pete Wisdom: Pete inspects her, critically. "You probably need your stance wider. That will give you more stability. Relax your grip on the handle a touch, you're choking the weapon, as is the phrase of the moment." One more check "Everything else seems alright."

Psylocke: *fires off the next clip, a little slower, taking her time and feeling out a few other targets, concentrating on following his advice... after a few more rounds, though, her arm had gone completly numb, and she set the the gun on safty and laid it on the table*

Pete Wisdom: "Arm sore?" he asks, knowing the answer "That's part and parcel of choosing such a powerful gun. And not having the proper grip."

Psylocke: *shruggs and shakes her hand out* Guess I just need more practice. Besides... I think it's deffinatly worth the trouble. Weilding such a powerful weapon... feels pretty good.

Pete Wisdom: Pete just shrugs at this "Despite what you see, I am more of a fan of bladed weapons. Which never run out of power, or ammunition."

Psylocke: Unless of course the person wielding them does. *pickes her gun back up and hands it to him* Well, I think I'm done here... you ready? *waits while he turns the guns in and pays for the ammo* So... what's your bladed weapon of choice?

Pete Wisdom: "Knives. I find them more versatile than the sword, easier thrown, better in a close-quartered fight. And cheaper to replace."

Psylocke: Sensei Masaki trained me with the Katana. It's a shorter sword, long enough to do the job, not so long that it becomes akward in close combat. And well... money was never a problem for me... *not bragging, just stating a fact* and weapons is one place I never would want to skimp on. I also had some fencing instruction, but, I don't find that that's practical in a real fight. Too many rules. *wink*

Pete Wisdom: Pete leans on his motorcycle, looking at Betsy in the streetlight. "I find that learning how to fight any style is never wasted. You are conditioning your body to certain ways to react. Each option you have is a chance you'll pick the right one."

Psylocke: *titls her head, resting her hand on the back of the bike* I've never had any trouble reacting... *smiles lightly* You know... you remind me of my old Sensei. Less wrinkley perhaps, and I don't think Masaki would be caught dead on one of these things... but still... hm...

Pete Wisdom: He laughs at this. "Nah, I look fuckin' disasterous in saffron robes."

Psylocke: *laughs* I'll bet you do... *imagines him in robes... and then taking off his robes... shakes the thoughts out of her head, blushing a little, but hoping it's too dark to tell* You do know your shit, though... I'll give you that.

Pete Wisdom: His face darkens, his voice hardens "I had to." is all he says, swinging around and mounting the bike.

Psylocke: *pauses, not sure what she said wrong, not sure what to do next* I... I just meant that... Well, you arent' all talk, and I can see that. *stands beside him feeling akward as ass* I think you're going to make a great teacher. *doesn't know what else to say, so she just says what she thinks*

Pete Wisdom: He knows it was an overreaction, but he can't help it. He really needs to get over those days, stop turning completely broody and depressive whenever they're mentioned. "I'm sorry," he says, voice softening just a touch. "I think it's time to call it a night. I doubt i'll be excellent company for the rest of the night."

Psylocke: Sure... *climbs on the bike, shivering as the inside of her thigh brushes the cold metal of the bike and she raises her legs a little, resting them on the outside of his slacks. Much warmer... holding tight she sighs and prays to god she gets home safe so she can figure this all out...*

Pete Wisdom: **They drive in silence. Drive Drive Drivety Drive Drive.**

Psylocke: *home again home again, jiggity jig* Well, thanks. *she says as lighlty as possible as she climbs off the bike*

Pete Wisdom: The ghost of a smile flits over Pete's face. "Don't mention it. I had a good time."

Psylocke: Me too. *faint smile back* Mostly. *rubs her shoulder absently*

Pete Wisdom: "I guess I'll see you around? Do you have a regular session at the gym?"

Psylocke: Um... not really. I'm there most every day, but... it usually just depends on when I can get down there. You will see me around, though. I'm in your class. If they ever start... I'm sure once all this... stuff is cleared up... *clears her thoat* Anyway, yeah. See you around. I need to go ice my shoulder now...

Pete Wisdom: He nods as she turns to go inside. "G'night" he says to her retreating form.

Psylocke: Good night... *she whisperes as she exits, wondering if she's going to be flustered/confused everytime she meets the mysterious Pete Wisdom*
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