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[icon] Log: Mark II - Waste o' Space
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Subject:Log: Mark II
Time:11:26 pm

Last time on Mutants of our Lives...
Betsy: *low chuckle* More words of Wisdom from Pete? You know... I find myself... a little... weakened by you, you know... it's probably just because you're British and all, but still... If any other man had come knocking on that bathroom door... Nuh uh. *shakes her head and smiles, glancing at the floor between them.
Pete: "I'm flattered." he nods "That's alot, coming from you."

And now, on with this week's installments.

Betsy: Don't mention it. It's hard for me to admit, expecially when I was so dead set on hating you in the beginning... *glances up at him from underneath her eyelashes* Guess I am a bit of a brat.
Pete: Pete raises his eyebrows at this "Set on hating me? when I'm so bloody charming? Ha." he brushes his hand through his hair. "I was a brat too. Hard to believe, I'm sure. Back when I started special ops"
Betsy: *wrinkles her nose as if it's difficult to say* Yeah... you are just a bit charming, aren't you, you git. *smile* And no... it's not hard to believe. *wink*
Pete: "Seriously though," he starts, his eyes resting lightly on her face, his features relaxed "Why were you bent on hating me? What the hell'd I do to warrant that?"
Betsy: *considers it for a second before giving him a crooked little half smile* I don't know. It was probably my instincts telling me that you were going to be bad news for me. Be my... weakness. *uncounciously leans a little closer, voice getting softer* But then again... with a weakness like you, who can complain.
Pete: A wry smile crosses his face as he considers his reply "Plenty have people have complained."
Betsy: Really? *mock seriousness* Anything I should be aware of?
Pete: He shrugs at this "They couldn't handle the heat. They left the kitchen. It's not uncommon."
Betsy: *chuckles a little bit at that* It's a good thing I'm wearing my asbestos underwear then, huh?
Pete: This earns Betsy another arched eyebrow "Really? That can't be comfortable."
Betsy: *grin* They itch like mad. *considers making a comment about taking them off, but thinks this just a bit brazen*
Pete: "That can't be good" Pete rubs a thumb along his stubbled jawline. His eyes begin to search the room, while thoughts churn over in his mind.
Betsy: *notices Pete looking distracted and leans back... unconciously of course* You know... now that I think about it, the reason that I wanted to hate you in beginning might have been because of some of the infuriating things you said in the journals... Yeah... *semi-chews on a thumbnail* that's probably it.
Pete: He shrugs, his eyes coming back to Betsy. "I wasn't really paying attention to the journals at that point. I didn't really see them as serious things. I suppose I was just mouthing off."
Betsy: Now that's shocking... *mock surprise* You mouthing off? For no good reason? No, never...
Pete: "Yeah. It's almost as surprising as you being stubborn and out to prove yourself."
Betsy: *sticks her tongue out at him in a very uncharacteristically Betsy move and goes back to nibbling on her thumbnail* At least I'm not... *searches for the insult*...bossy.
Pete: "Aren't you? Could have fooled me on that soft-ball field. You had advice for everyone about how to play their position. In fact, if Rogue hadn't asked you if you had ever played before, you probably could have gone on all game"
Betsy: It's not my fault that people can't put 2 and 2 together an play that very simple American game. It was only common sense, besides... *looks slightly ruffled* They were only suggestions to help everyone play better. Pitor and Jamie..'s were killing us. It's not like you were helping anyway, Mr. "I only play real man's sports, but is afraid to get out there and take one for the team in a simple game of co-ed softball".
Pete: "Who was afraid? I just thought it was a bloody stupid game. I'll stick to watching, unless someone brings out a soccer ball or some real games. American's can't come up wtih a decent sport if you paid them."
Betsy: Well, I agree, but it was more about having fun then coming up with the most complicated strategy to win. You know, sometimes you just need to loosen up. Alot. And if you haven't forgotten... we are in America. You might atleast try to play nice with the natives...
Pete: "I did... I went out there and watched them run around with their daft round bats and their inability to grasp the concept of a circular playing field. I could quite easily have stayed away. Quite easily."
Betsy: Then why didn't you? Really, if all you're going to do is stand around and critque and ruin everyone's fun then maybe you should just keep you're up tight arse to yourself.
Pete: "I was vaguely enjoying it. And I wasn't the one critique anyone. I kept my opinoins to myself. Unlike you."
Betsy: I...*stammers, looking really put out* you... I was only trying to help you self-righteous bastard! *stands up tall and crosses her arms over her chest* Besides... *simmers down a little* At least I was participating.
Pete: Pete's almost waiting for her to stamp her foot, and say it's not fair. He shakes his head and moves to leave. "Yes, Yes you were. Well done there. Keep off that foot now, or it'll take three times as long to heal properly"
Betsy: *almost goes for something to throw, but her reserved, intelligent side kicks in* There you go, being bossy again! *sighs and throws her arms up before putting them on her hips*
Pete: "There is a difference between being bossy and giving advice." He is standing in the doorway now.
Betsy: *does her best not to limp as she walks over to him* Yes, but are you sure YOU know what they are?
Pete: "No. I have an idea, but I don't know. But I don't refuse good advice when I hear it."
Betsy: Who said I was refusing anything? *pokes Pete in the chest* I'm just trying to tell you to lighten up! You're worse then a fucking Torie at times, you know that, Wisdom?
Pete: "No, I didn't. I'll obviously have to work on my having fun. I'll be doing it in a bar. Alone." he waves her class schedule. "I'll take good care of your students."
Betsy: Oh, that's right, go off and pout in some scuzzy bar, yeah, that sounds like so much fun! Well, I guess a drunken tightass will always be a drunken tightass, you know...*shouting down the hall at him as he walks away*...you're quite the walking contradiction... And I thought you were beginning to get cool. Boy was I wrong! ... Two days! I'm out two days and then I want that back, you hear me!
Pete: Pete shakes he head, listening to her childish rant following him down the hall.
Betsy: *slamms the door and storms over to her bed, realizing too late that it hurt to walk on her ankle, she cringes and limps over to her bed, sits on it, and hits her pillow before laying down and scowling at the celing*
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Time:2006-03-04 05:43 pm (UTC)
OOC question: Is this a strictly canon rp?
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