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Subject:Betsy and Pete
Time:06:56 am

Betsy: *Betsy pummels the large punching bag rapidly, never stoping for air, the only sound the continuous thuds and slaps of her taped fists connecting with the tough leather*

Pete Wisdom: Peter's in the gym, working out. He's finally shaken off the jet lag and the hangover from Rogue's do. So he's back in training big-time. He might be just a teacher, but if he's teaching weapons training and stuff like that, he's got to be at his best. Besides, he's still chafing at Ali's treatment of him at the party.

Betsy: *So far, she's been ignoring the other occupants of the gym, trying to keep her mind completely focused on the task at hand as she works out some of her... frustrations. After a several minutes of merciless abuse, she takes a step back, her chest heaving and her fists and muscles aching*

Pete Wisdom: Peter's eyes are occasionally drawn to the lithe figure working out on the opposite side of the gym. A glance here, a look there. It's not until she takes her hair out of the retrictive bun that she worked out in that he sees that it's bright purple. "Lovely. That's just fucking lovely." he says, as he saunters over to her. He knows in his heart that he has nothing to prove to her. He knows what he's risked and what he's accomplished. But something about her comments in the journals has just really riled him up like no-one else has in years.

Betsy: *Suddenly a slight presence slips into the back of her conciousness and she sighs almost rolling her eyes. Stepping back up to the bag she starts punching it again, only much slower, more purpousful this time*
Is there any chance that if Ignore you, you'll just go away?

Pete Wisdom: He lets his voice drip with sarcasm "Now why would you want to do that to a fellow Brit, Miss Braddock?

Betsy: *she scoffs at that briefely and flashes him a quick glace over her shoulder, her hair brushing her shinny cheeks as she lands another hard hit*

I'm insulted that you think me predjudice as to ones nationality. I do suppose that I am lacking in the British Pride department. Promise me you won't tell the queen? *sarcasm right back at him*

Pete Wisdom: "Lizzie and I haven't been on speaking terms for a while after a disagreement I had with her husband. So I guess you're safe on that count" He starts on the treadmill, setting it for a fairly hard workout. He needs it.

Betsy: *rolls her eyes and steps back, wiping sweat of her forhead. Thinking maybe he'll actually leave her alone she begins unwraping her hands and takes a few steps over to where her water bottel and towel are sitting in a bunch on the floor. With one hand un taped she picks them up, slinging the towel over one shoulder and taking a long swig from the bottel*

Pete Wisdom: He looks over, but doesn't get off the treadmill. In case she's just thingy about him being too near her. "You know [breath], for someone who was [breath]... had so much to say in the [breath] journals, you seem to have lost your tongue."

Betsy: *she turn on him slowly and raises an eyebrow* Well... *he'd caught her a bit of gaurd with that. And she hated being caught off gaurd* ...I wasn't going to waste my breath on you, but if you're looking for a good put down, by all means, all you need do is ask.

Pete Wisdom: He looks across, catching her eye for the first time. "I hate to burst your bubble, Miss, but I somehow doubt your ability to back that up."

Betsy: Well, then I say you're either a liar, or a fool. And although I suspect both are true, in this case, I think maybe you're just so caught up in your own delusion of yourself that you really do live in a world where no one could possible find anything wrong with your seemingly perfect mask of arrogance and egotistical chauvinism. *she tosses out almost casually as she wipes herself down a bit with her towel*

Pete Wisdom: He stops his treadmill, walking toward her, speaking low "I'm not being sexist. I doubt there's many people my age or younger, or even some older that could beat me, be it hand to hand or with weapons. I haven't lived my life in a sheltered classroom or anything like that. I've been in the field in countries you haven't even heard of. I haven't won any trophys or competitions. No ribbons or medals. I'm still here. That's the only prize I get for the work I've done."

Betsy: Congradulations. I'm sure you're a real tough fellow. But I wonder if you've considered the possiblity that just because you've been around, doesn't make you the best. And it doesn't give you any excuse to be an asshole. *she steps right back into his face and glares him down, thier bodies centimeters apart, niether one willing to give in* Besides... I bet I could kick your ass, geographical expert or no.

Pete Wisdom: He blinks at the asshole comment "And when was I being an asshole? was that before or after you were a snotty little brat" this is accompanied by a raised eyebrow.

Betsy: Well, god, let me think... That was probably in between the cheap come on line and the ridiculous "You know you want me" speech. If I recall right.

Pete Wisdom: Laughs at this. "I don't believe I actuall said you wanted me. I believe I made a generalisation about many women. they want me. Which if you want I can provide documented proof. and what was that about a cheap come on line? you with the flirty smile?"

Betsy: Oh, please! You know as well as I do how that generalization was intended. I have no intrest in seeing any documantation on you, what so ever, thank you, although it doesn't suprise me that you're the kind of guy that feels the need to carry "proof" of everything. I find that people who often have to prove everything, have nothing to prove. If you really were as experience in all walks of life as you say you are then why does my seeing though your little charade bother you so much? hm? *cocky smirk*

Pete Wisdom: "I worked for the government. They had files. On everything." His voice lowers, "As to why it bothers me, I don't know. I suppose I didn't go through all that crap to have kids like you think they're better than me because they can run through a field of tires or something."

Betsy: Oh, you can bet I can do a lot more then that. *pause, almost heavy breathing* And I'm not a kid.

Pete Wisdom: They're still almost toe to toe, although Pete is looking down more than slightly. He sighs, thinking how literally she's taking him. "I don't doubt you can do more than that. That was me using what I call exaggeration. As to the kid, how old are you?"

Betsy: *raised eyebrow* What's it to you?

Pete Wisdom: Pete is really beginning to tire of her attitude. "It's a fairly simple and innocuous question. It's not like I asked you your measurements."

Betsy: Which I'm sure you were all ready able to deduce from your years of field experience and your wandering eyes, am I right? *She steps back, suddenly more then concicous of their proximity and his eyes... what color where they... * I'll be 21 in September. *she stated slowly, ignoring her most instictual reactions*

Pete Wisdom: "There, that wasn't too hard" He's looking straight at her, brown eyes boring into her purple eyes, not flinching or fading downwards. "Now, care for a friendly spar, or are we going to keep eying each other off like..." he almost says his usualy 'a matador and a prize cow', but thinks much, much better of it. "... like twelve-year olds in a schoolyard?"

Betsy: Well, *finishes untaping her other hand*, I don't know about friendly, but I'm willing to let you prove me right, sure.

Pete Wisdom: He does not even scoff at that, merely bows at the waist. "Well, as I have thrown down the gauntlet, so to speak, you have the choice of weapons."

Betsy: Hand to hand. No weapons. No powers. *she states with out even a beat, squaring off and taking her stance*
Pete Wisdom: "Nothing could please me more." Peter gestures that she should precede him into the sparring room, a 20X20 bare room that Pete discovered on his last trip to the gym. He takes off his shirt on the way, because he fights better like that. And he's sexy.

Betsy: *follows him, stalking after him, moving with sleek animal grace as she takes her position, forcing her mind instantly into the focused state where she doesn't even noticed his bare, glistening, toned chest* Any time your ready, old man.

Pete Wisdom: Pete limbers up, breifly. He looks over at Betsy giving it one last shot to put her off "If you wanted me to make the first move, you should have said so."

Betsy: *gives her head a little tilt and narrows her eyes a bit, bringing on the sarcasm* That's funny. I thought I just did...

Pete Wisdom: Pete begins with a few exploratory swings, intentionally clumsy and telegraphed. testing her reflexes and everything. He's prepared to take a few knocks if it means he can get her measure. Or maker her overconfident.

Betsy: *she bats his attempts away more then easily and laughs a little* You're going to have to kick it up a notch if you want me to be able to warm up.

Pete Wisdom: Doesn't let her get to him, stays focussed on watching her, nutting out her defensive tactics, noticing she's prepared to try and take him on with strength, moving his blows away from her by force, rather than evading them. He checks a couple of his own defensive moves, letting her score a couple of early punches, evading anything really nasty.

Betsy: I would tell you to let me know when you're ready to fight, but I'm sure you're planning on surpising me, taking me off guard and really letting me have it just when you think I'm least expecting it. Am I right? *she drops down and does a quick sweep, hoping to knock his feet out from under him*

Pete Wisdom: Doesn't reply. He talks, or he fights. Usually he trys to talk his way out of fighting, but once he's in the fight talking only distracts the person talking. He sets himself, letting her sweep hit his legs, but because she hadn't put all her effort into it, he manages to remain on his feet. He staggers back slightly, and once she's regained her proper stance, drives her back with a quick succession of fast, but weak punches and kick, closing fast so that she has no choice but to back up.

Betsy: *laughs a bit* That's better... *she switches tactics, dancing around behind him quickly and landing a solid blow to his ribs as she contiues to move, giving him light taps as he catches up to her and adjust to her speed. Jabbing quickly, ducking and dancing, she moves him in circles for a while before faking a right hook and landing a hard kick to his right side.*

Pete Wisdom: The blows to his side sting, but he's always figured that she was faster than him. It doesn't matter if she's faster if he can tell where she is going to be. He switches tactics himself and concentrates on his feet, aiming a couple of choice shots that physically move her almost a foot sideways when they connect. Suddenly he backs of, keeping a bit of distance between him and her, not letting her get close enough for more than a quick exchange of lightning fast punches before he is moving again.

Betsy: He shruggs off his hits, feeling the weight of his strength in them, but sure that he's still holding back. She knew he would be stronger then her, but maybe if she could throw him off...*
So... you never told me how old you are... *tries to step in closer, moving slower now, but he still stays out of reach, so she waits for him to make a move*

Pete Wisdom: Now he's pacing around her in a circle like a boxer in a prize fight. Just out of reach for both of them. Seeing how long she will stand having the boundaries of the fight dictated to her. He can tell she is itching to be in control. So he continues to almost taunt her with his lack of response, and her inability to hit him. She hasn't landed a blow for a good minute or two. That is long for any fight.

Betsy: *shruggs off his ignoring her and focuses on staying in control* So... are we going to fuck when we're done? *moves right in, not waiting for the response she knows she not going to get and almost leaps at him, swinging hard, making sure no to expose herself too much*

Pete Wisdom: Lets her close on him, catching her fist in his his hand. Then he catches her other hand with his other fist, allowing his shins to get tattooed with well placed, but ultimately, ineffectual kicks, considering she can't get proper leverage. Trying to surprise her, he pulls down sharply with both hands, pushing her off balance, and then pushes her back, intending to send her sprawling over.

Betsy: *unfortunatly for Pete balance happens to be Betsy's specialty... She waits untill he lets go of her fists intending to send her sprawling and quickly grabs onto his wrists and pulls him with her, rolling on her back and fliping him with her feet in his chest. Once he's landed on his back she flips over to straddle his chest and try to pin his arms over his head*

Pete Wisdom: Speaking of unfortunately, Betsy forgets that in this fight, she is outmatched in strength. It takes a lot of effort, but he raises his arms off the canvas, lifting hers up as well. He looks straight into her eyes, narrowing slighty at the effort, a trickle of sweat beading down his forehead, but eventually he manages to lift his arms, hands now locked onto Betsy's wrists. He bucks with his chest, unsettling her seat and uses the momentum to swing both feet up, collecting her high on the back while pulling her forward on her wrists. He bucks again, causing her to topple forward, allowing him to extricate himself from underneath her.

Betsy: No!
*she yelps, struggling to hang on, hoping that pure will and determination alone will help her. 'If only I could use my poweres...' she cringed at her stupidity as she found herself bound tightly by his steel-like arms.

Pete Wisdom: Grappling now, Pete can sense now the fight is nearly over. As long as he doesn't release her, he can manhandle her into an impossible position. But he has to stay focussed. First he twists her arm into an uncomfortable, but not painful position. As long as she holds still that is.

Betsy: *after a few attemps she realizes that twisting and squirming aren't getting her anywhere and relaxes a bit, breathing heavily from the exersion*

Pete Wisdom: Moving slowly, as he is not quicker than her, Pete makes sure of every move. forces her to lie still, with judicious use of the pressure points on her wrists. He then pins her arms, not straddling her, but holding her arms wide. In this position she is unable to kick or buck him, but it does mean that they are facing each other at a fairly uncomfortable distace.

Betsy: Dammit... *she curses under her breath and tries to squirm again, unable to admit defeat* ... let me up! *shaking hair out of her face she glares up at him* Coward! If you're *breath* too scared to fight me *heave* you should just... *pant* say so.

Pete Wisdom: He checks his grip on her wrists twice before tilting his head to one side. "Give?" is all he says.

Betsy: *her laughter turns into a grunt as she contiues thrashing, managing hardly any movement at all in that position* What do you think?

Pete Wisdom: He's feeling more sweat plastering his hair to his forehead. In a move faster than any he's made yet, he's off her, and kneeling well out of striking distance, wiping his brow, breathing heavily.

Betsy: Of course not... *she says, quickly spinning away and getting to her feet. Moving in quickly she makes an almost tired pass at his head*

Pete Wisdom: Sees it coming and starts his own counter attack, letting her connect the blow to his head, while he lands a solid punch into her abdomen.

Betsy: *doubles over and colapses on her knees beside him she sends on last half hearted punch to his shoulder as she recovers from the hit, breathing and sweating hard*

Pete Wisdom: Evade or falls out of the way of the punch, it's hard to tell. He stands up and backs away from her. When he thinks there's enough distance he says "Tell you what. We call this off now and I'll tell you what you did wrong, no harm, no foul."

Betsy: You'll tell ME what I did wrong? *she almost can't believe his arrogance* Oh, geez, would you? Please? A snotty little brat like me could hardly hope to stand up to the great master ass hole... *she heaves gaining her feet slowly* We aren't finished yet... I'm so going to kick your ass.... *she takes another stance, closing in on him quickly with fast, but hardly efficient punches, backing him up slowly to the wall*

Pete Wisdom: Breathing heavily, he backs up until he feels the smooth wall at his back. Launching a brief counter offensive, he backs her off just slightly, watching warily to see what she'll do now that she's provoked.

Betsy: *she bareley manages to defend herself, but redoubles her efforts to block his offensive as well as get in her own shot occasionally*

Pete Wisdom: He braces himself against the wall pushing away and diving towards her, He cops a punch in the shoulder for his troubles, but his momentum may have almost hurt her hand more that it hurt him. He tacles her across the shoulders, knocking her down and rolling away.

Betsy: *laying there on her back, gasping for air and clenching and unclenchingh her fists, Betsy realizes that she's maybe overdone it a bit. That being the case she just laid there waiting for him to punce or leave or laugh at her... what ever the case she was too tired to care.*

Pete Wisdom: Sensing that Betsy will not give up while in a subservient position, Pete feign complete exhaustion (which isn't too far from teh truth) and staggers over to the wall and just slumps down, his have closed lids watching Betsy like a hawk.

Pete Wisdom: ((have = half))

Betsy: *sighing in relief that he didn't attack her, or laugh at her, or leave she sits up pushing her hair out of her face* Okay... fine. You don't completly suck.

Pete Wisdom: "How... gener... generous of you" he says, puffing hard. He reaches up an heavy hand to push his own fringe back.

Betsy: *shruggs and stands slowly, never clumsy even if she feels totally worn out, she walks towards him slowly*

Pete Wisdom: Peter almost decides to remain seated. He knows how much physical abuse his body can take and he's nowhere near his limit. However for show he tries and manages to struggle to his feet, leaning heavily against the wall.

Betsy: *she extends her hand, but not to hit him this time* Guess I was a bit hard on you before... and you were right... I should have been more curteous to a fellow brit... *leans next to him against the wall and finishes catching her breath*

Pete Wisdom: Takes her hand, shaking it with respect. For all that he's still standing, it was closer than anyone in his old outfit ever came to handing him his ass. "And you, my lady, are certainly no kid."

Betsy: Damn straight *she laughs and shakes his hand slowly* I think you had me though. You held back. I don't need to be a telepath to read that.

Pete Wisdom: He tries to gloss over this. Doesn't want to rub it in, or harp on it. "So you're Brians twin sister. I wondered what you'd be like"

Betsy: *tries not to let her surprise show* You know Brian?

Pete Wisdom: "Yeah. I, well. It's a slightly long story.

Betsy: With Brian... it always is... *sigh* I hope he's staying out of trouble... *almost a question*

Pete Wisdom: Clears his throat, "Yeah, well he was fighting for the good guys, definitely. " Takes a deep breath. It's all in his government file, but he doesn't like talking about it too much. "I was part of Black Air. Covert ops. No, not just covert, Black.Things the government want to have 'plausible denial' about. Shit you wouldn't want to tell your own mother about. Well I took them down. The whole Black Ops wing of the government. Not just me, really, we had some heavy duty dry agents. But I was the wetman. The one who took the plunge and infiltrated them." He shakes his head slightly "I fought Brian a couple of times. He's got a better right cross than you. But he doesn't know how to fight. I mean really know."

Betsy: Well, he was always more worried about shining his gun and fixing up his motor bike then he was about finishing a fighting lesson. *pauses and looks a bit sad* He was well the last time you saw him?

Pete Wisdom: Thinks briefly "Maybe a year ago, probably closer to fifteen months. I can't remember what the mission was, but he was trying to organise a resistance against our mission. He managed it too. We called the mission off.

Betsy: *laughs* That's my Brian...

Pete Wisdom: "Yeah, well. Intel said he had a twin sister. Didn't know she's be quite a knockout" he rubs his jaw for emphasis.

Betsy: *smirks and shakes her head* Yeah... sorry about that. I guess.

Pete Wisdom: He shrugs "Hey, don't be. It's not like either of us gave the other a choice"

Betsy: We are the worst kind of stubborn-headed idiots, aren't we? *chuckles and straightens up* Well, it was fun, you have to admit.

Pete Wisdom: "It was indeed.

Betsy: And you did pretty well. For an old guy...

Pete Wisdom: He laughs at this "I'm only twenty three, you know".

Betsy: Hm... really... *she gave a little smirk and stood up straight* Facinating.

Pete Wisdom: He rubs his heavily stubbled face "Yeah, well, it's the daily moisturizing and cleansing that gives me such a youthful appearance"

Betsy: Riiiiiiiiiiight... *gives his face a good thourough mock look over and says seriously* I've got some extra anti-wrinkle cream if you'd like to try that...

Pete Wisdom: "Nah. Don't want to spoil my devillish looks".

Betsy: is that what you kids are calling them now a days? Funny. I just thought they were wrinkles.

Pete Wisdom: He almost rises to the bait, but sees what she's doing "I could always" he continues calmly "put you over my knee young lady."

Betsy: Ooo... how terrible. *she smirks... then realizes she's flirting with the man she commited herself not to flirt with...* So.. ahem... anyway...

Pete Wisdom: Looks away, catching his breath. Inwardly he raises an eyebrow at this, but resumes normal expression before turning back. "I really should warm down after that. I'm going to be sore in the morning.

Betsy: *tries not to laugh at that as she fights for her serious expression* Yeah... cool down, streach, and then get food.

Pete Wisdom: Looks sheepishly at her "Was I really an asshole in the journals?"

Betsy: Yes. *doesn't miss a beat*

Betsy: As I'm sure I was a total brat.

Pete Wisdom: "Nah. A bit stand-offish, but if I was as much of a right bastard as you claim.... " he has an inner debate for a second or two ".. Tell you what... Let me make it up to you. Dinner and a movie, my shout.

Betsy: *raises her eyebrows... considers it...* Well... I did make a solemn vow with myself to stay away from you... but... you CAN kick my ass... and you're proveing more of a human being then I first thought so...I suppose that I could recind my previous vow... if...

Pete Wisdom: Resignedly, not really maliciously. "Damn, when you put it like that how can you say no?" Shakes his head and starts off

Betsy: Wait! *grabs his arm and pulls him back* I just want to make sure of one thing.

Pete Wisdom: "What's that?" He looks over his shoulder, eyes smouldering with checked anger.

Betsy: Promise not to hold back next time? *holds his hand carefully and looks up at him with a calm acceptance and quite reassurance.

Pete Wisdom: "Only if you promise to let me teach you how to fight in the real world. You'd do great in a Dojo, but you need to know that sometimes you are allowed to hit them outside of the boundaries."

Betsy: Fair enough. So... pick me up at 8?

Pete Wisdom: "Sure." He walks away a bit "Hang on. Which room are you in?"

Betsy: Uh... 2nd floor. Sixth one on the right from the stairs.

Pete Wisdom: "Got it. I'll see you at eight." he pauses at the door, grabbing his shirt off the bench outside.

Betsy: *looks a bit... flustered before gathering her thigns and going to hit the showers*
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